Visas for Retired or Pensioned Persons

Panama’s immigration laws have created various types of visas which are easily available to foreigners receiving a pension so they can enjoy their retirement in this country.
They all grant Resident status as well as offering a number of tax exemption benefits. We can provide a full range of legal services to help you with your visa application.

Panamanian Corporations and Private Foundations

Panamanian Corporations and Private Foundations are commonly used for reducing an individual’s tax burden and for protecting assets, as well as helping maintain confidentiality. They may be used as holding companies, to own any kind of property such as bank or investments accounts, real estate property, etc, as well as for business activities outside your actual place of business. Private Interest Foundations are usually used to protect family assets and income, as well as for succession purposes. Its regulations may be private and do not require public registration.

Offshore Bank Accounts

The Republic of Panama is known as an Offshore Service Center, and many local and international banks have branches here, offering both local and offshore accounts. Investment and tax planning services are readily available.

Need help relocating to paradise?

We are experts in relocation, with more than 22 years experience moving expats to Panama from all over the world including Canada, USA and Europe. We aim to give our clients and their families a warm welcome to make sure that their first impressions of Panama are as favorable as possible. We can offer a full range of support services free of charge to relocating families, starting with the availability of apartments for rental on a short term basis, which can provide a much easier transition than staying in a hotel, particularly for families.

Other Services

We are certified public translators from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
We can provide advice and assistance in all aspects of your move to Panama including obtaining mortgages, arranging insurance cover, opening bank accounts, incorporating companies etc.